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Of all the fashion accessories and clothing options available today, nothing carries a signature of your personality the way your hair can. Today as in the past an increasing number of men and women are suffering from the effects of hair loss and a whole spectrum of products and treatments can be found that address this condition.

This following article will include the top few websites online where those suffering from hair loss, also known as baldness, can go for support and more information on the treatments, products and preventative measure that can address the onset of this condition at any stage in its progression.


According to this website, has a fifteen-year history of trust among those seeking help and relief from baldness. Here you can find an extensive resource of articles and forums with over thirteen thousand entries on the subject of treating hair loss.

They also have a system where visitors can receive special advice and direction from an expert in hair loss treatment. The website also features many product and treatment reviews and suggestions on who would benefit the most from each different option available. Reviewers have mentioned that the testimonials posted on this site have been especially helpful in reaching their needed solutions.


Hair loss help is another site that contains copious amounts of resources for addressing hair loss. Here you can find, forums, articles and many other reviews and suggestions that can help indicate the best course of action for your specific situation. This site provides information for both men and women and also features advice and direction from the experts that can lead to afull recovery of hair.


For those looking to understand more about this condition that can plague young and old, the bald truth provides an entertaining and not easily forgotten presentation about hair loss in all its complexities. This is actually as much fun as watching the latest episodes of your favorite cartoon comedy. You can also find many testimonials of people who have suffered just like you but have found a way to grow back that beautiful mane. There are also many interviews from experts in the subject that have been found very enlightening.

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For those looking for a different approach that most websites don’t take to hair loss, But it compensates by focusing almost exclusively on available doesn’t have much information on the condition of hair loss but contains copious advice on the various treatments and procedures to reverse the effects of alopecia in women and men alike. You will find almost the all types of hair restoration and even transplantation treatments along with everything in between.

As you guessed from the name, Her-Alopecia is dedicated to exploring the best solutions and treatment options to address this condition in women. This site provides a community and forum where women of all ages can discuss this condition and how to provide the best solution possible.