Dental Health 

The Top Five Dental Health Websites

When taking care of your health, many people neglect their teeth. Thankfully there is a ton of information available online to make it easier to take care of your health and to make sure that you don’t neglect this important aspect. Below are the top five websites for dental health and the ways that they can help you on your journey to a better you.

1. Dental Health On Medline Plus

Medline plus is one of the many websites out there that goes out of its way to offer medical advice on every possible aspect of your life. The easy to use site has everything sectioned off and each of their sections is quite robust. Their dental health pages focus on preventative care, finding out when there is a problem, and making sure that you understand why your dental health is so important. With a large collection of medical professional backed advice, it is a great reference tool for anyone that is worried about their teeth.

2. The American Dental Association

The American Dental Association has put together a mouth health website that focuses on keeping your mouth happy and healthy. This is where you can find the recommendations for dental health that your dentist will be giving to you as well. This is also where you can see the latest studies that have been funded by the association and find ways to integrate good dental health into the life of your children as well.

3. Web MDs Oral Health Care Center

Web MD is a website meant to help people understand why their body is acting a certain way. While it should never be used to diagnose a condition, they have gone out of their way to collect a huge amount of information. On this part of their site, they have almost everything the American Dental Association has, a breakdown of this information into easy to understand terms, and information from other countries as well. A great resource when you just don’t understand what is being told to you or want more background on the issues that you are experiencing.

4. The NIH oral health Section

The NIH provides health care information and standards for the entire USA. This website contains information about the different standards that professionals are being held to, all of the studies that have been done on the impact of oral health, and information about government programs as well. This is the comprehensive authority about dental health and standards for the USA and many other countries as well.

5. The CDCs Page On Dental Health

The CDC, known as the Center for Disease Control, has their own page about taking care of your oral health and the importance of making sure that you are always in control of your health. Because the site is focused on preventing diseases, it contains a lot of information about how your teeth impact the health of the rest of your body and studies that have been conducted worldwide.