Teen Health

The Top Teen Health Websites

When you are looking for information on teen health, there are the best websites to visit for all of your needs.



As the name suggests, this website focuses on the health of teens and what they are going through as they hit puberty. it has a large number of different references and is to top in its field because it is aimed at both teens and their parents. It really works hard to understand the differences between the ways that teens feel and the ways that they express themselves. It is a great resource for any family that is struggling with the way that their teen is growing.

2. Teen Health on Medline Plus

Medline plus is a site dedicated to making sure that everyone is in the best health possible. For teens this involves making recommendations that will keep them healthy over the years. It contains a lot of information for teens on how to take care of themselves and on how to start healthy habits that will make them feel better throughout their life. This site can also be used as a springboard for parents to discuss puberty and the rest of life with their teens.

3. About Teen Health – Kids Health

This resources is a little different, but very important. It gives you information about the way that your body is changing, but also offers 24/7 confidential health help to teens. This allows them to take control of their own health, but also to understand that they are going to have more responsibilities as they grow as well. They put a lot of emphasis on emotions, making it clear that the feelings and thoughts of teens are important and worth talking about.

4. Information about health, growth, and emotions for teens:


This site is mostly an info dump, but works hard to break down some of the myths that have been perpetuated about teens. It provides information that has been verified as true by doctors, making sure that teens and their families know that they can trust what they are being told. It has divided the information into a number of different topics, making it easy to find what you are looking for. It might be the most scientific of all the sites listed and is one that most teens will enjoy.

5. Teen Health And Wellness

This is a site that works to give teens all of the information that they could ever need. It combines everything from recent studies to articles published by or about teens to make sure that teens are always in the know about things that could affect their health. It doesn’t shy away from hard topics and has been praised for being willing to talk with teens without being condescending. Overall, teens who want to stay informed about the possible changes to their health and everything else around them will find that this is a website they want to keep bookmarked in the years to come.

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