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Grill Your Way to A Healthier Life

Summertime and barbecues go hand-in-hand. After all, nothing tastes better on a hot summer day than some fresh grilled foods. Barbecuing is delicious, but did you know it can be good for you, too? That’s right, a simple grilled meal can contain a variety of proteins, vitamins and minerals without the added fat.


Roasted veggies, meats and even tofu also retain more nutrients when grilled. If that wasn’t good enough, the marinating process reduces the need for salt and other artificial seasonings. Healthy, holistic garlic, lime, herbs, olive oil and spices will give your food all the flavor it needs. The best part? You can grill all year with either an outdoor appliance or an inside cast-iron grill pan. Keep reading for some delicious, healthy grilling ideas you can use year-round (and for additional ideas, go here).


Grilled Salads


No matter what the time of year, you can prepare delicious grilled appetizers the whole family will love. While salad might not be the first dish you think of when it comes to grilling, there are a number of vegetables, fruits and nuts that are made even more delicious by roasting.


Peaches in particular taste great after a few minutes on the grill. The rising heat brings out the sweetness and tang and makes for a soft, scrumptious salad topper. Slow roast with a little basil and you have yourself a mini peach salad.

If you love avocados, try grilling halved avocados with olive oil. This tasty appetizer is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and magnesium. You can also turn your avocado snack into a full-on salad by adding some roasted corn kernels.




Asparagus is a tried and true appetizer that is packed with vitamin B and fiber. That being said, this dish can be a bit bland. If you want to add flavor without the butter, consider making a Romesco Sauce. This delicious roast-pepper sauce is made with red bell peppers, olive oil, paprika and ground almonds. This sauce is sure to bring a new life to your asparagus.


Backyard barbecues often feature roasted potatoes, potato salad, or French fries. Some people may want to avoid the starch while still enjoying the potato crunch. Carrot fries are a great way to enjoy fries without the guilt. Slice carrots into four, spread a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper to taste – you might not ever go back to potato fries! Looking for a healthy ketchup alternative? Prepare an easy Chipotle Lime Aioli with a Greek yogurt base.


Main Courses


Risotto is a scrumptious dish that will be sure to keep you and your family full and happy. While risotto recipes vary, most consist of rice, vegetable or chicken stock, onions and butter. After you have the basic ingredients, you are able to personalize to your specific tastes. Zucchini, avocado, peppers, mushrooms, peas, and tomatoes can be added for flavor and volume. Drizzling olive oil or butter on your veggies before grilling will help bring out the unique flavors as well as prevent charring. While the grill is busy sizzling, prepare the rice in either a rice cooker or stovetop pot. Traditional risotto uses short grain Arborio rice but feel free to experiment with other varieties.


Grilled Graffiti Eggplant with Roasted Tomatoes, Chickpeas and Ginger tastes great on its own or paired with bread, cheese and olives. While this recipe is vegan, the roasted chickpeas pack a heavy protein punch (almost 12 grams in a single cup). Chickpeas also are noted for promoting bone, heart and digestion health. Lastly, adding more ginger into your life may be effective in reducing muscle pain, tissue inflammation and indigestion.


Grilling fun doesn’t have to end just because summer does. If you want to stay healthy all year, consider investing in both indoor and outdoor grills. You will be surprised by how beneficial grilling is for you, your family and your meal planning.



Health Specialties

Top 5 Websites For “Health Specialties” Search

Site 1: Bureau Of Labor Statistics
The Bureau Of Labor Statistics in a United States government website that provides information on specific career statistics in various industries. This search result outlines the need an expected growth for health specialties teachers in postsecondary schools.

It shows that employment opportunities are on the rise, and the median salary available for these positions is just over $99,000 annually. It also shows that colleges universities and professional schools have the highest growth development possibilities and provides maps with state specific growth opportunities for the field.

Site 2: Federal Student Aid
Federal Student Aid is an office of the United States Department of Education. It is another official US government site. It provides resources to college students or potential college students that allows them to understand the costs associated with obtaining education for specific career fields.

This page is an article that outlines postsecondary health specialties teachers and shows the educational requirements needed to obtain this position. It allows students to know exactly what the expected job growth is for this career opportunity, what education they will need, what areas they should focus in, and what skills are necessary to have a rewarding career in this field.

It also shows what software applications students should be familiar with to have the best outcome possible in this career.

Site 3:
Owl Guru claims to be the site that strives to “help students find the career they love and live the good life.” It provides various articles on career outlooks as well as assigns them with an “Owl Guru Rank.”
This page outlines how to become a health specialties professor and provides a rank of “A+.” It shows exactly what is required as far as a degree, what schools’ students should consider and how to decide which is the best, and how difficult it is to obtain the needed licenses, degrees, and certifications to have a career in the field.

The site offers services to students to help them find the career that they will be the most satisfied with.

Site 4: O*Net Online
O*Net OnLine helps potential career seekers explore careers and complete job analysis.

This page shows information and statistics on things such as what tasks are required to be a health specialties teacher in the postsecondary environment, what technology skills are necessary, what knowledge base in the form of education and training are necessary, what skills are important for the career, what abilities are important for the courier, and goes on to outline daily work activities and expected work context.

It provides resources as to what the typical job zone looks like, and outlines what interests most people have who are working in this field. It also goes on to list five related occupations that people who are interested in this career field have who may not want to enter education.

Site 5: Health Specialty
Health Specialty is a company based out of Santa Fe Springs California that specializes in creating custom manufactured skin and hair care products.

There site states that they are certified by the FDA and compliant with current government regulations in relation to the creation of body, skin, and hair care products. They allow customers to pick from pre-formulated products and modify their formulas to suit their needs. They will then allow customers to brand the items for their business, and on and have them create their own hair, skin, and body care products.

Health Specialties

5 Resources For Information Concerning Diseases, Conditions And Disorders

Numerous online resources exist that deal with information and researched materials about diseases, conditions and disorders. There are mental and physical conditions of all types, and you might be looking up information about associated symptoms or the prognosis concerning a particular condition. Sometimes it just helps to get a better understanding about a particular diagnosis, and the following five sites can help you with all of the above.

1. Mayo

The Mayo Clinic features an expansive website, part of which is devoted to educating people about diseases, conditions and disorders. You navigate this section of the website by clicking on the letter that is associated with your condition. You can also use the symptom checker, and you can find out information regarding first aid during certain emergency situations. The website for the Mayo Clinic is an all inclusive resource as you can see.


The website for the Center of Disease Control is also a very helpful website. On that site, you can also look up various diseases and conditions using an alphabetical index. Both of the aforementioned sites know that is the best way to handle things. If for some reason you don’t find the information you need, there is another alphabetical index at the bottom of the site concerning all related CDC topics.


Medicine Net takes a similar approach to the previous two sites, but they produce the alphabetical listings in a different format initially. There are also advanced search options and a section devoted to showing you what is trending. Additionally, you can also find the latest associated news via the links found on Medicine Net.


This is a great site because it is devoted completely to kids health. That makes it unique and a great resource for anyone searching information about diseases, conditions and disorders in relation to a child. You can read up on all kinds of conditions, learning more about them and what you can do as a parent. This type of site is a great parental resource for many reasons.


Endocrine Web is a site that is devoted to diseases and conditions related to the endocrine system. While this site has a more narrow focus, that can be appreciated by people looking for even more specific information in relation to a particular condition. While all of the sites mentioned above are valuable resources, remember, too, that you will run across websites that deal even more specifically with the condition in question.

A couple of these sites are household names and the mentions serve as a reminder to use those resources when necessary. You might not have heard about the other three resources, and you might not have ever visited any of them. You have offline help available to you as well when it involves diseases, conditions and disorders, but know what resources are out there. You can certainly count on these five online resources for helping you to discover more information about health conditions and what to expect.