Health Specialties

5 Resources For Information Concerning Diseases, Conditions And Disorders

Numerous online resources exist that deal with information and researched materials about diseases, conditions and disorders. There are mental and physical conditions of all types, and you might be looking up information about associated symptoms or the prognosis concerning a particular condition. Sometimes it just helps to get a better understanding about a particular diagnosis, and the following five sites can help you with all of the above.

1. Mayo

The Mayo Clinic features an expansive website, part of which is devoted to educating people about diseases, conditions and disorders. You navigate this section of the website by clicking on the letter that is associated with your condition. You can also use the symptom checker, and you can find out information regarding first aid during certain emergency situations. The website for the Mayo Clinic is an all inclusive resource as you can see.


The website for the Center of Disease Control is also a very helpful website. On that site, you can also look up various diseases and conditions using an alphabetical index. Both of the aforementioned sites know that is the best way to handle things. If for some reason you don’t find the information you need, there is another alphabetical index at the bottom of the site concerning all related CDC topics.


Medicine Net takes a similar approach to the previous two sites, but they produce the alphabetical listings in a different format initially. There are also advanced search options and a section devoted to showing you what is trending. Additionally, you can also find the latest associated news via the links found on Medicine Net.


This is a great site because it is devoted completely to kids health. That makes it unique and a great resource for anyone searching information about diseases, conditions and disorders in relation to a child. You can read up on all kinds of conditions, learning more about them and what you can do as a parent. This type of site is a great parental resource for many reasons.


Endocrine Web is a site that is devoted to diseases and conditions related to the endocrine system. While this site has a more narrow focus, that can be appreciated by people looking for even more specific information in relation to a particular condition. While all of the sites mentioned above are valuable resources, remember, too, that you will run across websites that deal even more specifically with the condition in question.

A couple of these sites are household names and the mentions serve as a reminder to use those resources when necessary. You might not have heard about the other three resources, and you might not have ever visited any of them. You have offline help available to you as well when it involves diseases, conditions and disorders, but know what resources are out there. You can certainly count on these five online resources for helping you to discover more information about health conditions and what to expect.

Dental Health 

The Top Five Dental Health Websites

When taking care of your health, many people neglect their teeth. Thankfully there is a ton of information available online to make it easier to take care of your health and to make sure that you don’t neglect this important aspect. Below are the top five websites for dental health and the ways that they can help you on your journey to a better you.

1. Dental Health On Medline Plus

Medline plus is one of the many websites out there that goes out of its way to offer medical advice on every possible aspect of your life. The easy to use site has everything sectioned off and each of their sections is quite robust. Their dental health pages focus on preventative care, finding out when there is a problem, and making sure that you understand why your dental health is so important. With a large collection of medical professional backed advice, it is a great reference tool for anyone that is worried about their teeth.

2. The American Dental Association

The American Dental Association has put together a mouth health website that focuses on keeping your mouth happy and healthy. This is where you can find the recommendations for dental health that your dentist will be giving to you as well. This is also where you can see the latest studies that have been funded by the association and find ways to integrate good dental health into the life of your children as well.

3. Web MDs Oral Health Care Center

Web MD is a website meant to help people understand why their body is acting a certain way. While it should never be used to diagnose a condition, they have gone out of their way to collect a huge amount of information. On this part of their site, they have almost everything the American Dental Association has, a breakdown of this information into easy to understand terms, and information from other countries as well. A great resource when you just don’t understand what is being told to you or want more background on the issues that you are experiencing.

4. The NIH oral health Section

The NIH provides health care information and standards for the entire USA. This website contains information about the different standards that professionals are being held to, all of the studies that have been done on the impact of oral health, and information about government programs as well. This is the comprehensive authority about dental health and standards for the USA and many other countries as well.

5. The CDCs Page On Dental Health

The CDC, known as the Center for Disease Control, has their own page about taking care of your oral health and the importance of making sure that you are always in control of your health. Because the site is focused on preventing diseases, it contains a lot of information about how your teeth impact the health of the rest of your body and studies that have been conducted worldwide.

Animal Health

The Top Websites For Information About Animal Health

When you have a pet, you often love them like they are a member of the family. This means that you want to take care of them just like you would yourself or your child. However, many people run into problems with the health of their pet that could have been prevented. Below is a list of the top five websites for keeping your pet in great health.

1. The Animal Health Institute

This is the premiere institute dedicated to making sure that animals are healthy and to researching new ways to make sure that they are always in the best shape possible. This site includes generalized information about the health of animals and information that is necessary to make sure that your animals will survive different conditions. There are a number of different health stories as well as information about ongoing studies for you to look through.

2. PBS’s Animal Health Section

The public broadcasting network does a lot of work with different scientific entities to find out information about animal health. They have tons of studies and shows about how to keep your animals healthy. One of their focuses is actually on livestock animals and the ways that they are able to have their lives enriched. They have also done a number of good pieces about the health of different animals that live in homes as well.

3. Merck’s Animal Health Website

While it can be controversial to talk about the testing of different things on animals, testing that has been done in the past has revealed a lot of information about the way that animals function and how they are able to be helped today. Merck has compiled this information, along with information about medication for specialized conditions are are still in trials, and put it together on a website for your viewing. This is one of the best ways to find out what is going on in the animal health industry and to find out hard scientific facts about animals.

4. Bayer’s Animal Health Page

Just like Merck, Bayer has taken time to learn from the past and to put that information to good use. Their site and their research mostly focuses on pain and heart related issues, so if you feel that these are going to be a problem, this might be one of the better sites for you to visit. They also include recommendations about products and questions for you to ask your vet and to to ask yourself.

5. Revival Animal Health

A site that focuses on the health of animals, but also on giving you access to the best possible medications, foods, and other things that you might need for your animal. Their experts have worked hard to make sure that the information are products that they provide are the best of the best and that you will not be disappointed when you leave the site. They have a little less information than the other sites listed, but are the only ones able to provide the products that they talk about.

Alternative Health Options

Top 5 Websites For Alternative Health Options

With so many different websites providing alternative health options, services and products, it can be difficult to tell which is best. So which alternative health websites rank the highest for delivering the best information, products and services?

1. Mercola is the top ranked, rated and most poplar choice for providing information and news regarding the alternative or natural healthcare industry. The site is informative regarding different products and devices that are available as alternative remedies to conventional medical treatments.

However, the website has come under some scrutiny as to the validity of the information provided by Dr. Mercola. The popularity of the site may however be related to the reason why there is so much controversy over whether the information provided is correct or valuable as a viable source for alternative health information.

2. Curejoy provides alternative healthcare advice from experts in the industry as to the causes, symptoms as well as treatments available for specific health conditions, illnesses and diseases. The website also provides information on alternative therapies to promote health and fitness. It is one of the most trusted sites regarding the validity of the information that is provided.

Information regarding a wide range of alternative therapies is available especially related to ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, natural products that have specific medical benefits as well as nutritional information regarding certain foods as well as other types of alternative therapies.

3. Global Healing Center focuses on providing alternative health information and options to a greater audience in order to inform more people about the alternatives available, how successful they are in treating certain conditions or ailments as well as specific product and service information.

The company also provides their own brand of products that has been tailored to meet the needs of their alternative healthcare community. These products generally receive positive reviews regarding their efficacy and success at delivering on the promises made by the producers.

4. Earth Clinic probably provides the greatest number and variety of alternative healthcare treatments, solutions and remedies, all on one website. The site also provides a number of natural remedies that can be used to treat pets.

No matter what your ailment, there is sure to be information regarding an alternative treatment on this site. The Earth Clinic team is also happy to respond to requests for additional information or provide assistance where no information on a specific therapy or remedy is available.

5. Healthy Holistic Living focuses on living a healthy, holistic life by providing health tips, nutritional and dietary information as well as natural therapies for treating certain ailments. The site is perhaps most well-known for the healthy eating recipes that it provides. It is also used to provide information regarding products that may be hazardous to your health.

While this site is not exactly dedicated to alternative treatments, it does provide natural healthier living options.

Alternative health options, medicine, treatments, therapies and remedies by their very nature are controversial. It is best to keep this in mind where negative criticism of the top alternative health sites is concerned.