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The Top Five Websites About Different Drugs And Medicines

When it comes to your health, understanding what is going into your body is extremely important. It is also important to understand when you might want to ask for different medications and the different interactions that drugs might have with your body or with the way that you interact with the world. below is a list of five different websites that seek to help people in better understanding this aspect of their health.


This website contains a listing of every single prescription know to man and the different interactions that they can have with the human body. It includes pictures, street names, what the medications are used for, and so much more. It can seem a bit overwhelming because it has so much information, but most people find that it has exactly the information that they are looking for. It even lists known interactions with other drugs and side effects, making it easy to weigh the pros and cons of different drugs.

2. Patient Info’s Drug and Medicine Section

This website wants to make sure that patients are aware of what is going into their bodies and what it might do to them. It contains all of the information that should be given along with each and every medication as they are prescribed. It also has easy to search text and lists information that isn’t always included by doctors. It is pretty thorough and it is rare to find a medication that has not already been added to the database.


This website lists all of the different medications from around the world in an A to Z list. It shows the different ways that the medications can look, average prices, and a large amount of other information as well. It can be a bit hard to navigate, but if you already know the name of the medication you are looking for it is a can’t be beat resource. It also includes recommendations on some pages, for people who want to avoid certain side effects.

4. Medline Plus Medicines

Medline plus prides itself on providing quality information about health to everyone that uses their website, and this is exactly what they are doing. This has led to them having a huge collection of information about the different interactions from drugs and the ability to compile a more general list of different interactions. They also have questions that you should ask your doctor before taking a new medication and information about the problems you might encounter if you stop taking your medication without medical supervision.

5. Web Md’s Medication Section

Similar to the previous entry, Web MD is a site with a lot of medical information. Their medication and drugs section talks about the different interactions from medications and gives you information about what causes them. You will be better able to understand why certain medications cause problems and what you can do to avoid them after you have looked at this website.

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