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The Top Websites For Information About Animal Health

When you have a pet, you often love them like they are a member of the family. This means that you want to take care of them just like you would yourself or your child. However, many people run into problems with the health of their pet that could have been prevented. Below is a list of the top five websites for keeping your pet in great health.

1. The Animal Health Institute

This is the premiere institute dedicated to making sure that animals are healthy and to researching new ways to make sure that they are always in the best shape possible. This site includes generalized information about the health of animals and information that is necessary to make sure that your animals will survive different conditions. There are a number of different health stories as well as information about ongoing studies for you to look through.

2. PBS’s Animal Health Section

The public broadcasting network does a lot of work with different scientific entities to find out information about animal health. They have tons of studies and shows about how to keep your animals healthy. One of their focuses is actually on livestock animals and the ways that they are able to have their lives enriched. They have also done a number of good pieces about the health of different animals that live in homes as well.

3. Merck’s Animal Health Website

While it can be controversial to talk about the testing of different things on animals, testing that has been done in the past has revealed a lot of information about the way that animals function and how they are able to be helped today. Merck has compiled this information, along with information about medication for specialized conditions are are still in trials, and put it together on a website for your viewing. This is one of the best ways to find out what is going on in the animal health industry and to find out hard scientific facts about animals.

4. Bayer’s Animal Health Page

Just like Merck, Bayer has taken time to learn from the past and to put that information to good use. Their site and their research mostly focuses on pain and heart related issues, so if you feel that these are going to be a problem, this might be one of the better sites for you to visit. They also include recommendations about products and questions for you to ask your vet and to to ask yourself.

5. Revival Animal Health

A site that focuses on the health of animals, but also on giving you access to the best possible medications, foods, and other things that you might need for your animal. Their experts have worked hard to make sure that the information are products that they provide are the best of the best and that you will not be disappointed when you leave the site. They have a little less information than the other sites listed, but are the only ones able to provide the products that they talk about.

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