Alternative Health Options

Top 5 Websites For Alternative Health Options

With so many different websites providing alternative health options, services and products, it can be difficult to tell which is best. So which alternative health websites rank the highest for delivering the best information, products and services?

1. Mercola is the top ranked, rated and most poplar choice for providing information and news regarding the alternative or natural healthcare industry. The site is informative regarding different products and devices that are available as alternative remedies to conventional medical treatments.

However, the website has come under some scrutiny as to the validity of the information provided by Dr. Mercola. The popularity of the site may however be related to the reason why there is so much controversy over whether the information provided is correct or valuable as a viable source for alternative health information.

2. Curejoy provides alternative healthcare advice from experts in the industry as to the causes, symptoms as well as treatments available for specific health conditions, illnesses and diseases. The website also provides information on alternative therapies to promote health and fitness. It is one of the most trusted sites regarding the validity of the information that is provided.

Information regarding a wide range of alternative therapies is available especially related to ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, natural products that have specific medical benefits as well as nutritional information regarding certain foods as well as other types of alternative therapies.

3. Global Healing Center focuses on providing alternative health information and options to a greater audience in order to inform more people about the alternatives available, how successful they are in treating certain conditions or ailments as well as specific product and service information.

The company also provides their own brand of products that has been tailored to meet the needs of their alternative healthcare community. These products generally receive positive reviews regarding their efficacy and success at delivering on the promises made by the producers.

4. Earth Clinic probably provides the greatest number and variety of alternative healthcare treatments, solutions and remedies, all on one website. The site also provides a number of natural remedies that can be used to treat pets.

No matter what your ailment, there is sure to be information regarding an alternative treatment on this site. The Earth Clinic team is also happy to respond to requests for additional information or provide assistance where no information on a specific therapy or remedy is available.

5. Healthy Holistic Living focuses on living a healthy, holistic life by providing health tips, nutritional and dietary information as well as natural therapies for treating certain ailments. The site is perhaps most well-known for the healthy eating recipes that it provides. It is also used to provide information regarding products that may be hazardous to your health.

While this site is not exactly dedicated to alternative treatments, it does provide natural healthier living options.

Alternative health options, medicine, treatments, therapies and remedies by their very nature are controversial. It is best to keep this in mind where negative criticism of the top alternative health sites is concerned.

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